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As part of its commitment to protect our national heritage, NADFAS encourages its member societies to set up Church Recording (CR) groups. The activity of recording the contents and internal fabric of a church is highly educational to anyone interested in the fine arts and appeals to people who want to do something practical, as well as developing their own knowledge in depth. It is also a lot of fun, challenging the grey cells and working with others! The final objective is to produce for each church an illustrated and professional inventory, copies of which are lodged with the National Monuments Record [NMR] at English Heritage, the Council for the Care of Churches [CCC], the V&A Museum, the relevant County Record Office and of course the church itself.


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Over the last 35 years NADFAS societies in the UK have recorded nearly 1,600 churches of all denominations. These Records have proved valuable not only to experts in fine arts and to historians, but have also helped to restore or recover objects which became damaged or lost through natural causes or through theft and vandalism. Insurance companies, NADFAS and other local charitable bodies therefore encourage the recording by giving financial support to CR groups.

Please see the News Bulletin Board for the latest information on training days, workshops and other CR events in the Area.  A detailed list of Church Recording Projects can be found on the Chairmen’s Page

St Barthomew’s Haslemere.

Having completed their record of St Christopher’s and presented it to the church in September 2011, the HDFAS CR group are now recording St. Bartholomew's Church, Haslemere, with new joint leaders; Brian Dickinson, a member of the first Church Recording group, and Jane Stopford-Russell, currently West Surrey Area Co-Ordinator for Young Arts.

St Nicholas, Shepperton.

Recording by members of Walton & Hersham DFAS was completed in 2012 supporting Claremont DFAS (East Surrey Area) plus some members of Richmond DFAS.

The group go on a Church Crawl each year

St Mary the Virgin, Horsell.

This project started in April 2009, led by Woking DFAS and supported by Recorders from Mayford DFAS

St Michael & St Mary Magdalene, Easthampstead.

This project was started in January 2011, led by Windlebrook DFAS, supported by recorders from Englemere DFAS , Woking DFAS, Camberley DFAS and Ascot DFAS.

The church is renowned for its William Morris, Burne Jones windows.