In the UK, NADFAS consists of the National Headquarters in London, 18 Areas, and over 330 local Societies with about 90 000 members
The Areas are sub-committees of NADFAS [a charitable organisation] and are bound by NADFAS Memorandum and Articles of Association. The principle responsibilities of the Areas are:
1. To represent the Societies’ views to (i) Trustee Board and (ii) NADFAS Executive.
2. To disseminate NADFAS policy within the area for implementation by the Societies.
3. To promote good relations and development of NADFAS activities within the Societies and wider NADFAS organisation.
In order to fulfil this role Areas are managed through a team comprising (i) Area Chairman, (ii) Area Deputy Chairman (iii) Area Treasurer and (iv) Area Secretary (all elected by the Societies in the Area) and supported by (v) Area Representatives of the three Volunteering activities, (vi) Area Co-ordinator for Education (ACE) and (vii) Area Trainer (All appointed after appropriate consultation).
West Surrey Area
Area Chairman:  Tony Cowell
a.   Responsible for establishment of Area team
b.   Represents Area to Trustee Board through participation in the Advisory Council
c.   Gains understanding of Society activities and issues through (i) regular dialogue with Society
     Chairmen, (ii) attendance at Society Committee meetings and (iii) attendance at Society meetings.
d.   Organises and chairs (i) twice yearly Area Meeting and (ii) annual “informal” meeting of Society
     Chairmen and Area team.

Area team: individually responsible for the co-ordination and development of Society representatives for their “specialism”:
Area Treasurer: Tony Moorey
Area Secretary:  Maggie Johnson
Education (ACE):   Caroline Coleman
Area Trainer:    Vacant
Young Arts (YAAR): Jane Stopford-Russell
Church Recorders (CRAR): Barbara Naylor
Church Trails (CTR):  Roger Allen
Heritage Volunteers (HVAR): Tony Cowell
Graffiti Walls Beatus de l'Escorial Big Star 5 by Dmitry Stepanoff
West Surrey Area Team